Fatality 25mm RTA
QP Design

by SEO Assistance on February 21, 2019
This RTA would have to be the most anticipated RTA for 2018, at least it was for me, and in my opinion, as we near the end of the year, it's best RTA of 2018. The hype was real. they did not scrimp on anything, as you'd expect from a tank with this price tag, packaging and presentation was fantastic, multiple spare glasses and accessories were, included, shorty glass, extender for the chimney, tall glass, tall ultem and a frosted bubble. It has a very unique dual airflow which on first sight looked a bit excessive, but i was soon to realise it wasn't. The bottom airflow opening was for the main airflow, which went up through the centre of the deck to form a square directly under the coils, the second airflow went up the sides to form a square on either side, basically the idea behind this is utilising air exactly where its needed, directly below the coils and pulling air around the coils, both being adjustable to your preference and coil positioning. The deck itself is big and quite easy to build on, it has very small raised posts, simply gauge and cut your coil legs long enough so you can bend your coils over to almost meet in the centre, allowing a little room so some air can get through maybe 4-5mm. Wicking again is easy, I Scottish roll and then thin out the ends, bow tie and trim the cotton so it is the exact width of the coils. You don’t want to fill the juice well completely, I tend to have my cotton just filling the top of the well and none visible from the side, the cotton will swell, filling any voids and prevent leaking without reducing juice flow. the chimney and tank is all one piece, it slides over the deck and twists on to an open position, to fill you twist it the opposite way to turn off juice flow, it has a twist and release cap, rather than a threaded one, with huge holes for filling. now one feature I loved, which not a lot of tanks allow for, is the fact that the tank and chimney is one unit and can be removed without emptying the tank, a simple twist and its off without any loss of juice. Now the important part, how does it vape! Amazing. The flavour this thing produces is 10/10 no matter what flavour profiles, creams, fruits, bakery or candy, this thing knocks it out of the park, something I have never come across with a tank of this size.