Reload X RDA
Reload Vapor USA Review

by SEO Assistance on February 21, 2019

G’day guys, Stuart here from the Compound. Today I’ll be reviewing the Reload X RDA.

We all know Reload from their RTA, absolute perfection flavour for days I really couldn’t say a bad word about it. So when I heard they were bringing out the Reload X RDA I knew I had to have one. It took me six months but I finally got one, was it worth the wait? Did it live up to the expectations following on from the RTA?

The answer to these questions is YES and then some!

The packaging was identical to the RTA - a tin case. Inside one RDA, a bag of spares including o rings, a squonk pin and a reload Allen key screw driver, a great touch in my opinion.

Now the rda itself is 24 mm and from first glance looks to be top airflow with adjustable AFC, but I was soon to realise it wasn’t. Upon taking the cap off you see a postless style deck and airflow that curls around the coil just like the reload, on the outside of the deck there is a vertical channel either side, now these channels transfer the air from the top down the sides and under the deck to go back up and around the coils I was skeptical of this because my first thought was "That’s a long way for the air to go and how the hell does the top cap line up?". I looked inside the cap and there was small grooves either side which line up and clip into place when the cap goes on for perfect alignment every time.

Building was a breeze coils placed quite central and low to allow air to hit all around the coils cotton to just shy of the deck floor, the reservoir is about 5-6 mm deep, I’ve used as a straight RDA and also a squonk and it wicks like a dream.

Now the vape WOW! Just WOW. The flavour is on point with the RTA and I would highly recommend this one guys whether you just straight drip or squonk, this one ticks all of the boxes and is a must have for your collection soon to be available on line and from the Compound 💨