Modfather RTA Review
The Modfather 25mm RTA

by SEO Assistance on February 21, 2019

G’day guys, Stuart here from the Compound, this week we are reviewing The Modfather 25mm RTA. I don’t think there are many RTA enthusiasts that haven’t heard of or owned one of the original Modfathers.

I know I’ve owned multiple and to say I was excited when they announced a 25mm Mini Moddy would be an understatement. Nothing much has changed with packaging but with the 25mm you get a tall tank and also a shorty section. The deck is still the same; it comes standard with a velocity deck. One thing that really impressed me was the finish; all threads are silky smooth and all O Rings are nice and tight, it also has an 810 drip tip so all your favourite drip tips will fit it, in tall mode it has a 6.5ml capacity and in shorty mode approx 3ml.

Building on this was a breeze! Everyone will have their own method but I’ve found the Voltrove method works best, cut your wicks to the base of the deck thin and sit directly over wicking holes. The biggest issue with the original 30mm Moddy was filling because it had no juice flow control. You constantly had leakage and were restricted to winter use when your juice was thicker. The 25mm changes this no more closing airflow to fill and no more tipping upside down to screw lid on, I’m filling mine to the brim with airflow wide open and not even getting a dribble, I think the new larger kidney shape fill ports really help with this. I am very impressed with this tank the flavour is incredible, an absolute must have for your collection!