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  • Acai

    Tart red berry, crisp and dry. Acai is a light flavor that can be added as a top note or subtle note on a base. Not a base flavor in...
  • Alpine Strawberry

    Heavenly balanced and smooth strawberry. Red and sweat like a small alpine strawberry that is picked high in the mountains. Commercial strawberries that we buy in the store are a...
  • Amaretto Sour

    Flavor of the cocktail with lime, lemon, orange slice and amaretto
  • Apple Cider

    Pressed hard apple cider with scrumpy notes of mixed apple varieties balanced between aromatic and astringent. This is a very unique apple flavor with a matured, slightly ale yeast note...
  • Apple Cranberry

    This flavor has a red apple with light creamy cranberry finish.
  • Apple Filling

    Grandmas' apple pie filling. Touch of cinnamon and sweet creamy baked apples. This is an excellent apple for any apple pie or baked apple flavor note. Strong and clear enough...
  • Apple Pop

    Sweet red apple notes. Adds an excellent dimension to complex apple flavors.
  • Apricot

    True and accurate apricot flavor. It is more sour and less candy-like than our peach.
  • Apricot - 60ml

    Who doesn't love Jam? Or butter for that matter? Clouded Visions presents its 'Jammed Up' line, a full range of jam on toast inspired flavours! We've all tried the popular...
  • Bag O Fizz - 60ml

    Everyone needs to keep their bag of fizz handy. At Hoots we love the popular Aussie candy that has a soft orange candy outside and a nice mildly fizzy sherberty...
  • Banana

    Smooth and soft tasting flavor, banana serves as a rich base for mixing with other fruit and savory flavors.
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