Flavorah Flavour Concentrates, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane
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  • Wild Melon

    Candy-like melon flavors with a tropical pallet. This flavor is fruity and fun, like a handful of hard candy.
  • Whipped Cream

    Light and airy whipped cream settles on the top notes of a CO2 infused whipped cream. Not heavy or milky like other creams, but for adding a dimension to fruits...
  • Watermelon

    A traditional candy watermelon. This is a good fruit base for sweet and candy vapes.
  • Vanilla Pudding

    Analog to vanilla custard with slight variation in the tone and finish. Uses vanilla to mellow other flavors.
  • Vanilla Custard

    There is nothing boring about vanilla. Heck, if vanilla custard was a person, this one would be a ninja. It can do everything: blend with coffee, fruit, mints or vape...
  • Vanilla Bean

    This is a clean and cool icecream vanilla. Not overpowering, but very complimentry to the dairy and fruit notes, such as strawberries and cream.
  • Tropical Punch

    Like tropical fruit dropping from the trees, this bold and balanced flavor is ripe for picking. Stand alone, it is a fantastic tropical anchor for your daily vape.
  • Tricks Cereal

    This cereal flavor is the sugary, crunchy and fruity puff flavor you would expect... just not for kids. Strong formulation can be mixed at low concentrations for strong and familiar...
  • Toffee

    Shake well, this flavor can have separation and sediment before mixing with PG/VG. Great toffee with Smokey caramelized sugar notes. Akin to butterscotch, this flavor can show up in a...
  • Sweet Fig

    Delicate and yet a hearty fruit note. Sweet fig is a fig filling that has notes of honey, earth and aromatic fruit. Very unique fruits like this fig can up-end...
  • Sweet Dough

    Carmelized sugar with bready buttered notes. Sweet dough has hints of butterscotch and caramel with a solid, heavy dough. Excellent canvas for bakery notes.
  • Sweet Cream

    Milky with a hint of coconut milk. Not thick a thick, heavy butter cream, but a fresh note that is cereal friendly for drawing out a milk note.
  • Sweet Coconut

    Clean and fresh coconut flavoring is like pure white, grated coconut shavings. Unlike our standard coconut flavor that is rich and toasted, this sweet coconut is fruity and light. Excellent...
  • Strawberry Smash

    Dynamic and full strawberry notes. Not overly candy in tone, but bright and brilliant enough for a candy flavor. Rich enough to pull down into a custard or cream base....
  • Strawberry Filling

    Concentrated strawberry is a middle of the spectrum. Not highly aromatic, or low and sweet. An important blend for more complex and full strawberry notes.
  • Strawberry Cream

    Like the strawberry cream hard candy. This strawberry cream benefits from additions of both strawberry and cream if you are trying to pull it in a particular direction, but can...
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